Here are your Banner Advertising Tools List Integration Options:

  1. PHP:
    <?php $html = file_get_contents(''); echo ($html); ?>

  2. JavaScript:
    <script language='JavaScript' src='' type='text/JavaScript'></script>

  3. iFrame:
    <iframe src='' width=480 height=480></iframe>

Optional program control:

&program_name=SKIP (to skip a particular program)

(Replace "program_name" with one of the currently available program names listed below and "Your_ID" with your referral ID for that particular program)

Currently available programs:

  • adhitprofits
  • adtactics
  • bucketsofbanners
  • promoteadspaypro
  • tebanners
  • viralhosts
  • viralinbox
  • viralplr
  • viralurl

Optional parameter:

&nohelp=1 (turns off the small link to this page)

How to add additional programs:

If you own a traffic generating program with an Alexa Rank in the top 750,000 that is not yet listed above, please contact us for possible inclusion through our helpdesk.

Use the subject: Submission for Top Banner Advertising Tools List

Other Integration Options: